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Originally Posted by sail7seas
You CAN but I wouldn't want to. It's really bad form.

It is clear that you want to drink the wine from the bottle that is in your cabin in order to not buy a drink.

I would be embarrassed.
Save your 'cabin wine' for your cabin is my suggestion.
What about all the people who come from the lounges and bars to the dining room carrying their unfinished glass of wine with them? I've seen that many times and it wouldn't look any different if he carried his glass of wine from his cabin to the Lido.

I'm not saying one should NEVER buy a beverage onboard the ship, but sometimes it is just easier to take it along, rather than have to hunt down a wine steward to order a glass. After all, there aren't exactly a lot of wine stewards who work the Lido.

As for consuming your own wine only in your cabin ... sometimes drinking in your cabin is just no fun, and within reason I see no problem enjoying a glass of your own wine in the public areas. And, maybe he bought that bottle of wine from HAL in the first place ... as I do in advance of my cruises.

Blue skies ...

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