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Cruise Lover...

Just as an FYI: when I go on ships as a reporter, which I often do, then I get out and meet as many officers on the ship as I can. But when I travel as a regular passenger I really prefer NOT to make my identity known. I prefer to see how the regular passenger gets treated.

I love being "incognito" and going to guest relations or just a dining room to see how the service will be for our average reader when she/he comes aboard.

Last night was Puerto Rico. This is a much more beautiful city than I remebered it, especially if you make the walk to Morro Castle. It was fun being in until late at night as well, although Lou was a little under the weather so we didn't take advantage - OBVIOUSLY many of our fellow diners did as the dining room was near empty. We had GREAT service to say the least.

Tomorrow is St Martin. We don't have any group activities scheduled until Friday, first of two days at sea. However, stay tuned for more ship information.

There are a LOT of shipboard activities on this ship from wine tastings to a lecturer on the Russian Space program. There are computer classes, bocce 101, acupuncture demos, physical activities, trivia, guess that tune, etc. This is not a boring ship by any means!!
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