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Personally, I think web boards are the devils work, and no decent person should take part in them.

Oh well there's me dammed to hell 8)

In a perfect scenario, we could have a web board that had lush green grass, everyone was nice and danced round the whatever, always happy and always agreed with what each other said

In life that’s not true. Web boards are a good place to vent and discuss, and you can be ANONOYMOUS behind an avator, some take advantage of that.

Personally, I have met some really nice people that I would not want to meet in real life 8) 8) 8) But I appreciate that’s mutual.

But then again, I have "talked" to some folks, that I know in my heart I could have a good time with,,,,as they get me, I get them.

It nay not always be pretty, and we may not always agree, but its conversation, its talk, its thinking about the other persons perspective
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