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We have been on many cruises with missed ports of call, that is to be expected, especially during hurricane season. Don't beat yourself up over it....I too take things very personally because I am always the trip coordinator and want everyting to go perfectly but it's not a perfect world....Dunns River Falls is a slippery and treacherous climb, my 12 year old grandson wouldn't even climb the falls once we arrived, all he wanted to do was swim in the water. My son-in-law slipped on the rocks halfway up and really banged his knee up and was in pain for the rest of the cruise. If you book another cruise to the western Caribbean, plan another excursion to Dunns River Falls, they're not going anywhere. Our excursion to Chankanaab was disappointing in that it is not a gradual slope of beach entering the water, the shoreline is made up of huge boulders and stairs carved into the stones to create an access but very slippery, everyone was falling trying to get in and out of the water and the water was instantly deep...they did have a very small sandy area for tots to play in that was protected from the ocean but the water only came up over my knees. There was a young couple on one of our cruises when they cancelled our stop in St. Maarten due to an approaching hurricane and she was meeting all her family there and GETTING MARRIED!!!! She was devastated. She exited the ship in St. Thomas and was going to try to book a flight from there, don't know how she made out. My grandson likes the ports of call but enjoys being on the ship even more. He loves to go to all those silly things Carnival has, i.e., mens hairy chest contest, water slide, ice carving demonstration, etc., and misses his pizza, ice cream and chili dogs on the ship, ha! I have sailed on the Victory twice and just loved that ship, the food, entertainment, service, etc. When you go on a cruise you have to be prepared for itinerary changes and bad weather and just go with the flow, there are plenty of other great things to do on land and on the ship. Patticake, whenever I coordinate a family cruise I warn everyone prior to leaving that itineraries may change and shore excursions cancelled and always have a Plan B and C in place and then I just relax, enjoy the moment, for me, it's just wonderful being on the ship with my family spending quality time together.
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