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Repsol Rod: very good example - what a way to get your point across and with a little humor at that?

I can remember a time, that I only viewed posts on a similar cruising website, to look for answers to my questions but would not post my own question because of the "Contributor D" type responses.
Then I found this site, sure there have been times that a Cont D comment(s) have been made - some about my posts or comments, but it seems that the general CM's know when enough is enough. Sure I have had my opinion changed after some well-thought & informative comments, but most of the time, I just say "to each their own" and move on.

The worst example are the posters that leave comments after newspaper articles. They provide there opinion as fact, based on a electronic news article (that most likely has not been researched for all the facts or the article was posted so soon after the event that not all the facts are known) and will fight to the extreme that they are right. Often times, the facts have changed but they will stand by their initial opinion.
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