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i cant stress this enough...AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE! Its a nightmare getting off ship and if you can just get it down to two suitcases, you can sneak off early without having to check'll save you hours of waiting in line when your already cranky about leaving.

That said, i've never done it lol, but im going to this time.

Things you have to take....

clothes, dont pack an out fit for each day...esp if your a swim suit wearer...I can get atleast 2 days out of a pair of shorts/capri's and can get by with a pair of black slacks, a black skirt for all dinners, including formal night. I do take a fancier shirt to wear, but i did wear slacks to the last formal night (with a very nice blouse) Also take min. shoes! they take so much room! I always pack tennis shoes (i go in winter) 2 pair of sandles (black and brown) and a pair of black strappy lowish heel comfortable dressy shoes.

I pack extra undies lol

Take an over the door hanger for shoes (i get cheap 4.00 ones from walmart) to put makeup, hair stuff, razers medicine etc in. It will be awsome and you'll save headaches searching for stuff and save space. Hang it in the bathroom. I keep my stuff packed in there so when i cruise the next time or vacation, its all in there. check expiration dates before you leave. It takes very little room.

Medicine. Take a laxative (dont laugh) somthing about being on the ocean and all that food, can make for day 4 or so an uncomfortable issue (hehe), take anti diarrheal (sometimes you get the opposite), headache meds, nausea meds, heartburn meds, cold meds (god forbid) tampons (god in heaven forgive!) visine, and sunscreen/solarcaine. I will never forget to take cortisone cream again either as my son chafed from the hot tub and waddled like a monkey for 2 days (oh yeah, powder is on the list) and bandaids, lip screen.

you dont need a bungee cord for the door, they always stay open for us anyway. If you have lots of plug ins take a strip with you as you only get one outlet. Hairdryer unless your staying on conquest class or better.

NEVER FORGET THE DOWNY WRINKLE RELEASER!!! i ask for extra hangers or take some wire ones and hang stuff up and spray immediatly, then no wrinkles the whole trip and no ironing.

Get a popup cheapo dirty clothes circulair thing, about 5.00 at walmart. Leave it behind when you leave to save room.

Also we all carry those nike backpack with the rope strings, you can get them at ROSS for like 5.00, you wont need a purse except maybe at dinner, maybe...i dont use one. But they are big nuff to carry towels and extra clothes on excursions yet are light wieght and comfortable. Hubby has his black one so he feels manly.

So for a 7 night cruise, i'll take 4 pairs of capris (i dont do shorts) 2 swim suits, black slacks, black capris and black skirt, 3 nice shirts and one formal blouse. 10 pairs of undies (cuz im a clean undie girl) the shoes im wearing plus 3. My nike bag and that is it! nice small suitcase.
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