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Default Unhappy with Celebrity

I have just returned from a 4 night cruise on celebrity infinity. I have taken 3 previous cruises on HAL and loved them. I wanted to try a different line just to add a little variety. I had heard great things about celebrity. Never again.

We sailed out of Ft. Lauderdale. We drove from Tampa. Though this is not Celebrity's fault, I found Port Everglades very disorganized with little direction or parking. The Infinity left 45 minutes late which should have clued me into the problems to come. I found the ship to be very nicely decorated however the art was not to my taste exactly. The food was not half as good as HAL. I did not eat in the main dining room, but the buffet was awful. Thirty percent of the cups and plates were dirty. The orange juice was brownish in color. Butter could not be found anywhere. The ice cream was not frozen and was melted throughout the trip. The list goes on and on with the food problems.

We sailed to Key West. Luckily I love Key West because we were going to be there a while. We spent the day looking around and enjoying. We had to be back on board at 1:45 pm. About 2 hours after our scheduled sail time the captain said we were delayed by technical problems. About 7pm the captain announced the trouble was with the software that operated the engines and the software company would be comming to fix it around 9PM. We were going to spend the night there and cancel our port in Cozumel and instead go to Nassua. We were to be reimbursed $120 per stateroom. We could go back to Key West until 2 am if we wished. We didn't go back because it was dark by that time and we were tired. There wasn't too much scheduled for entainment at this time because as you cruisers know they want you to spend money in the shops and gambling which we could not do while in port.

We woke up still in Key West. No announcements were made about what was going on. We looked outside and noticed the transport trolley pulling up to the ship. We guessed we would be here a while. Later in the morning the captain announced guests could go ashore if they wanted and we should be back on the ship by 1:45 pm. No mention of the pending repair status was made. So we went to Key West and enjoyed another day. The trolley guide was better informed than we were because he said we may be staying longer and we should check back with them before returning to the ship.

We returned to the ship on time. The captain announced the repairs were complete and we would sail to Nassua. So we had 2 days in Key West, no sea days, and 1 day in Nassua.

I had never been to Nassua before and I will never go again. If you like breathing in car emissions while buying perfume, Gucci, and alcohol from crumbling store fronts then this port is for you! I don't know what they spend the cruise ship money on, but it is not spent on infrastructure or the wellbeing of the local people. You can also book a shore excursion to go to a resort hotel's beach for $89. Oh wow!

On the last day, the toliets broke in our room. There was no hot water in the shower. We were not given a comment card. When my mother asked guest services for a comment card they would not give her one because they said we should have already received one in our stateroom. The coffee was undrinkable. Again the food was awful. The ship had construction "stuff" lying around. We never saw a member of the actual crew. There were no nice touches like fruit in the room, pillow top matresses, and popcorn at the theater. The staff were not as nice as on HAL. There were no disembarkation instructions. We did not know we were supposed to wait somewhere specific to be called. If I had not cruised before I would be lost.

Later we found out that this was Infinity's first cruise after being in dry dock. The ship had been cut apart and the engine replaced. Thus the software problems.

I am going back to HAL.

Likes-the aquaspa area and the friendly entertainment staff
Dislikes-everything else

I am writing this review because I was not allowed to have a comment card on the ship.
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