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Default We were on that horrible cruise too!

Dec 3, 2008 Infinity cruise to Key West and Cozumel...

This cruise was a TOTAL, unorganized disaster. Onboard, it was being referred to as the "cruise from hell".
Here is what WE alone encountered...
We requested a shower chair to be put in our room. It was not, and when the attendant got one, it was not a shower chair, with the holes in it, but some type of marble topped small end table of some kind, with a crack in the corner. I showered on an end table. We then got to miss out on the sail away party, with a drink in our hand, something we always do, because the ship was behind in leaving dock, forcing us to skip the sail away so we could make dinner on time, in the main seating. We later that night, after midnight, at a slower hour, ordered room service. After 45 minutes, we got it, complete with missing parts to the sandwiches, cookies totally missing, and something we didn't even order. The fries were lukewarm. He took it back and ANOTHER 45 minutes later, it again came back. This time, the sandwiches were complete but wrong cookies and the fries were ice cold ,probably the original ones). We called and were told "they didn't make choc. chip cookies today." They could have told us that an hour and a half ago. At least if they couldn't call the room when they got the order, then have the delivery guy tell us when he arrived. So, and hour and a half later we ate, WITH the ice cold fries.
Trying to get a cofee/tea mug in the buffet area was impossibe. They were not available. When we asked for one, we got a blank look, and she eventually returned with a few, for the whole boat. The ice machines weren't working either, and they resorted to putting ice in a container with a scooper, when they DID get around to doing that.
Our attendant was good with tidying up, however, he must only look at the champagne bucket only once a day on all his trips, as our champagne would go warm many times. We had brought onboard some stoppers for its top, and after the bubbly got warm, again, as my husband was talking to me about all the problems, leaning against the wall, the stopper blew off the bottle from the pressure of the warm bubbles and missed his eyes by about a foot! We were not kept with a supply of ice.
This is the first time ever we have not had a picture from a cruise. The one picture we did like, at the dinner table, was very digital looking and blurred. The others of ours were clear, except this one that we would have bought.
The buffet was a horrendous, chaotic joke. There were many people clearing plates, but not one person making sure the lines were orderly, or even heading in one direction. When you hit the backwards pasta line from the previous food section, you ended up at the FRONT of people already waiting, so you have to leave the line, then go around the other end of the pasta line. Nothing flowed, and my husband ended up getting shoved. When we attempted to give room service another try for breakfast, we put down 8:30-9:00. I called at 9:05 to see IF it was coming, as we were planning to do a trivia game in one of the rooms, and was on hold for 15 minutes. The order came as I was on the phone, missing items, and barely warm. At this point we had the assistant housekeeper come to our room. He had the food done again, hotter this time, but still missing items, We were told AFTER we found him by guest services after we ate that it was missing canadian bacon and chicken sausage. He said "it wasn't put on the boat." BUT, when we tried the buffet again, lo and behold, there it was. A whole canadian piece, being carved.
The shower water started out very brown.
The last night was supposed to have "gourmet bites" in the cova cafe from 11:30-12:30am. There was NOTHING. We were told from a bartender that they were getting new crews tommorrow, so they were all cleaning up early. I guess at OUR expense. We had to use room service once again. We order a simple chicken sandwich and a soup. The soup was hot, fries warmish, again, AND it took an HOUR AND A HALF to get it, ordering it at approx. 12:30 and not seeing it until 2 am!
When I booked, we were told that we get special invites to VIP events. Never got any. Also were told Celebrity doesn't even do the towel animals anymore, something we love and look forward to. The 4 and 5 night cruises, we were told by the guest relations manager, don't have a lobster night, and don't even get the last night waiter extravaganza. (like the baked alaska parade, etc). It was like it was drilled into us that the 4 and 5 nighters don't matter, or really count. It's not worth their time to put forth the extra effort.
The communication between themselves AND the guests was also unacceptable. The public areas were very cold (a/c), especially the martini bar and one gentleman asked the bartender if it had to be THIS cold on the boat, and was pretty much ignored by the staff with no one getting an answer for him. Whenever you asked questions, the "go to" response was "I don't know". Not "I'll find out for you." Some didn't even know WHERE certain rooms or events were! The staff!
Rooms where events were supposed to happen would change. No one would make an announcement on the intercom for the passengers so we could BE there. Also most things were always being delayed.
We went to attend an anniversary/honeymoon party. When we all got there, a female staffer informed us, when we saw just champagne or mimosas being offered and no food at all for this "party", that "usually there's a cake for you guys, but we're going to see if we can do this again tommorrow. Watch the daily to check." And it was cancelled. Everyone except us and 2 other couples left at that point. Lo and behold, a few minutes later, they walk in with the cake, that no one but the stragglers got to even eat, because we were just told that there WAS no cake for that day, so everyone left.
Ater having my 10th anniversary burned into my mind with so many horrible memories, I cannot get it back. They gave us a partial refund of 250 for the cozumel part being cancelled, due to the ship not being able to steer, but they really need to refund our money. We did not get what was told to us OR advertised as part of services. Communication and service was disgusting.
The guest relations manager did apply a 150 credit back to our card for the many assorted problems, but it is not nearly enough, since AFTER that, we had the additional room service fiasco, AND were stuck in the cinema to disembark, when we were told by the staff that concierge gets a nice room for disembarkation, where we get coffee or tea. We got nothing. They eventually came with SOME kind of info that we were delayed leaving the boat, what a surprise!
This boat severely lacks communication, guest services, and does NOT treat their guests with the "celebrity" status they tote around in their advertising. We all seemed like more of a bother than anything, a nuisance.
I know a LOT of people are annoyed and madder than hell about wasting their hard earned money. The right thing to do here is give total refunds to all who are taking the time to complain.
We also had a problem when the 6 tiny hors devours came to the room. We let them know on the first day, that we didn't eat seafood. He noted it and said he will tell them. We got nothing in it's place the first day. The second day, the steward comes in with shrimp.
We told him and he said the day guy, Vascio hadn't relayed that message to him. He saw that I was on the verge of tears at that point, apologised, and later came back with some veggies with some sprouts and sauces on it, which we didn't touch either. We had told Vascio the FIRST night that plain cheese and crackers or little pieces of ham would be absolutely fine. Instead of the salmon. There was no reason that for the first 2 days, we had to have NOTHING with the hors devoures that we eat. This was an "extra" for concierge, which we lost out on, no matter HOW small they were.
The chicken saltimobocca in the dining room was passable in flavor, but portions were VERY small. This is the first cruise we have ever been on where it was so tiny. The prime rib that went by was a good portion, and we expected that anything ordered in the main course would be an acceptable size.
My frangipani $29 scalp massage was comped, but I really think even THAT should be refunded, as this girl who did it put so much oil in my hair that I literally looked like I JUST got out of a shower. I've had head massages before, and I've had oil, but I have NEVER seen THAT much oil be put on your head before. My husband looked shocked when he saw me whan I came out into the waiting area. We went back to the room, as I was embarrassed to be seen with such greasy hair, and tried TWICE to shampoo out the mess. After the second time, and still having some on it, I HAD to just try to blow dry the best I could, being we would have missed something we needed to be at. So, with oil in tow, I left the room with very flat greasy hair. That should be refunded because a bad service was comped, so I still didn't really get anything acceptable for that. If I would have PAID for it, I would have been demanding a refund. If we would have had the specialty restaurant dinner as a "comp" and we got food poisoning, would THAT be considered "taken care of"? This is the equivelent in hair services.
Cozumel was cancelled due to the steering problem, which was the one reason we were going on this cruise in the first place. Giving us all a small partial refund is more of a slap in the face. It is sending the message that it is being trivialized, because if the magnitude of the problems REALLY were realized, the company should be RUNNING to its customers, offering full refunds with a HEARTFELT apology. In a time of such economic instability, they should be HAPPY there are still some people out there WILLING to spend their money with them, when money is so tight right now, and companies are falling every time you blink an eye. Their company could be next, especially if this is the service it provides.
I do not EVER want to see a Celebrity ship again. The company should be willing to bite the bullet when they screw up royally.
Steer clear of them!
(hubby was the one wearing the lit up santa hat!)
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