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Default Our thoughts on Soltisce 11/30 sailing

My husband and I are Elite on Celebrity and booked a veranda room w/concierge service becasue of our Elite status. We did not get the sparkling wine or hor'devours but did get two roses. We also did not get VIP luggage arrival and ours showed up right before dinner time.

WE had room 9155, the side the jaunts out and had a much deeper balcony than the other side rooms. More like an aft balcony. Our room had the bed first then the sofa and we had no complaints about the bed being large and hard to maneuver around for us. WE thought it was just fine. Yes the closet and the drawers could have been designed a little better, but you learn to make due. The interactive menu on the tv wasn't working properly. It showed us in Ft. Lauderdale the entire trip and the movie Pay-per-view did not work at all either. One call to customer relations and they took care of it no problem. Celebrity still does pride itself on taking care of problems and making the customer happy.

We found the drink prices compared to Royal, NCL much better. We do not go for the pricey bottles of wine or glasses, but your normal day to day like you would drink at home and found it very reasonable. Their $5 daily special drinks were great. A glass of great Spanish REd Temparillo wine was $5.50 per glass in all the bars or a bottle was $25 (yes much more than you buy here, but reasonable).

We ate at Murano and the menus we saw prjior to sailing were not the same as sailing time. The lobster quiche (3 pieces) was runny and not very good. The filet mignon was excellent for me, however, Murano for us was not worth the money. Tuscan Grill was excellent on the other hand and would go there again no prjoblem.

All in all it was good, a little tweaks here and there but okay
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