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I have to say that things sure were not up to snuff, for Celebrity, and I am suprised by the crews responces, and lack of customer service.

The thing that every cruiser has to be aware of, as I am sure you are, is that no port can be guarenteed. Weather, and the problems that you encountered just prove the fine print in the brochure.. My first cruise, which I booked to go to St Maarten, cancelled that port, due to stabalizer problems. We got no credit, so, I feel they made a good faith credit to you.

I did have a few isues on my last Celebrity cruise, but, honestly, I will sail them again...I had more issues on HAL, but, I bet I will be back on them one day.

Every cruise line does have issues that happen, and thankfully they are far and few between..I am sorry your cruise was less than you expected.

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