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Default Re: Re: Conquest hot tubs

Rob thanks for the info. It will be pretty hot when we cruise but nonworking hot tubs as in "no water" that would tee me off. I understand that some things are beyond Carnival's control but they have an obligation to ALL their passengers to insure that their amenities not just amenity are up and working. Since their hot tubs have been an obvious ongoing issue it should have been addressed as soon as the problem arose and not left inoperational cruise after cruise Come on... they are the ones who tout "its a fun ship" and have several pages in their brochure depicting people in hot tubs, pools and the water slide. As far as Im aware there were not any disclaimers next to the pools, hot tubs or waterslide pictures stating Carnival Cruise Lines would not be held responsible for nonworking amenities. That would be absurd. I feel they should be responsible i.e. compensating passengers if the amenities are not working. Perhaps being accountable financially would be a deterrent to Carnival. Then again maybe not.

All that being said we are very excited about our cruise. Im grateful that as of now there aren't any storms brewing and Im anticipating a wonderful time.
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