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Originally Posted by mehawk
Originally Posted by 17andacruiseaddict
"but I had to say something to another young person chiming in on how gross it is. I had to say my bit back."

dont take it personal when i say old people making out in public is gross. every generation says that about their elders. kids seeing their parents making out always say "ewww gross" and the parents laugh it off. i will be those parents one day and i will laugh it off. now laugh hahaha
There are times when I see youngsters, such as yourself, making out in public and I say "ew, gross!"

Time marches on young lady. One can only hope that you retain your youthful looks as you age because... you will age. Destiny will catch up to you and you will become an older person who you think is "gross". Time is not hospitable.
I already said I will be one of the older people who i think is gross now. It's in what you quoted from me, and a previous post that I wrote. And as for time not being hospitable to my looks, have you ever heard the saying "Black don't crack"? (lol well it does, just takes a little longer lol)

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