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Default trust me, it was bad

Trust me, if you were on this cruise you would be complaining too. All you had to do was walk around the ship to hear rampant complaining. Trust me no coffee, running out of dishes, brown water, cold showers, inability to flush your toilet, consistently cold and poor food, a dirty ship, broken A/C, poor staff attitude and major mechanical difficulties are not minor complaints of first time posters to your forum.

If just I alone heard so many people tell me it was their worst cruise ever (out of 5-10 cruises), then I think it was worthy of a bad posting. In the short time I was in lobby re-booking our Bahamas excursion I heard an ear full.

The posts you are reading that are supposedly so great must have been staying in the expensive suites, while the lowly ones in a regular balcony room were finding service horrible.
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