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I might be skeptical of 1st time posters too if I hadn't live through this cruise but it really was bad. On Mon there was a thread about this sailing on Cruise Critic. It was full of stories just like you are reading here. It was on page 3 the last time I saw it. When I took a look a couple of hours later it had been deleted. From what I read no one was being mean spirited - just stating the facts. I guess you aren't allowed to say anything negative on that board.

You have to remember that this was only a 4 night cruise. We really didn't have time to wait for things to get better. I didn't think the ship itself was bad - it just needed to be cleaned.

About the tea - it was my husband who questioned the Asst. Mairtre d' about drinking it. The Asst MD said he hadn't thought about it but since the water came from the same pipes we shouldn't drink it. That was when he provided us with Evian.

Thanks for posting the customer service number. I will give them a call.
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