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People like dkjretired really shouldn't dismiss us "4 or 5 first time posters" when he clearly wasn't on that particular cruise. Things were NOT fixed the first day, and if this is not Celebritys "norm", that certainly doesn't make it any better for the people who had to suffer through this cruise. Room service taking an hour and a half to deliver wrong, missing or cold food, no tea cups (even on the LAST night), not getting things you were promised and paid for such as VIP events for concierge class, the buffet line being totally chaotic, among so many other things going wrong. We were at our wits end, and unlike other types of vacations, we were stuck in it. You clearly really don't have an IDEA of what went on. Does "an unprecedented" amount of complaints tell you anything? We had a bad time on this ship, and if you can't at least have some empathy for your fellow cruisers, you shouldn't be slighting them at all then. This boat left dry dock without being properly tested first. The very first cruise out of dock it breaks down.
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