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Originally Posted by DJRed
{Although there were some problems especially with the engine and a problem the first day with the buffet, these problems were corrected. Most others are saying the food, service and condition of the ship were excellent.}

Wasn't this your quote? (sorry, I don't know how to do the copying as a quote). I also took offense to what you said, like you were implying we didn't know what we were talking about, or that we were the exception. They got more than half of that boat calling in on the FIRST day back. So, the "most others" part is incorrect. The MAJORITY had a problem and it lasted to the very last day. Maybe what you are reading on the other sites are the few happy people who wrote in, as many of the others are still calling in trying to fix this and haven't had the time yet to post on the boards.

I went back and reread your post, as I'm sure the person you wrote it to did, and it still reads the same way to us. Hopefully you will never have to experience it, especially when it's your 10th anniversary cruise, that took you forever to save for.

No harm done, just try to be aware of how what you write and how the words you choose can be taken.
Or maybe the people writing on this board are the minority for many of these complaints and not the majority as you state. I was not there, I'm only trying to pass on what everyone has said. I do not doubt you had a problem only trying to put it into perspective. There are many people who went on that cruise who were satisfied.
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