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Default Re: C/C refund?

Originally Posted by DJRed
Has anyone who sailed on that dreadful cruise actually SEEN the credit back to our cards (if we didn't use up the small OBC they gave)they said they were giving, in that letter that was left in our rooms? I haven't yet, and called my c/c co. today to let them know that I may be initiating a dispute for their charge.
I also found out last night that they are offering me a small credit for another cruise. Like I would EVER go on a celebrity ship again??!! I am trying to get that credit to be applied to a cruise I already booked on a RCCL ship. Hopefully, being under the same parent company won't mean the same service.
If anyone hears from Celebrity as to anything they are offering, please let us know on this board???
I haven't received my credit back on my card yet either. How did you find out about the small credit being offered for another cruise? I called customer service yesterday but was told they weren't going to do anything about this cruise. Please let me know if they allow you to use it for a RCCL cruise. I also have a cruise booked with them and it would be nice to use it for that. I don't think I could bring myself to book another Celebrity cruise.
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