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I called and complained a few days now. The guy I spoke to said he was going to have to wait for the manifest to get to them, and then he could see what he could offer me. I called last night and the rep saw that there was a small cert. showing, but didn't know if it was transferrable. I'm waiting for the orig. guy to call back. I also emailed my LONG complaint letter to the CEO, not that HE'LL do anything. Haven't heard from him, and don't expect to.
I can't believe they would do nothing furthur about this cruise.This was not just one problem, and it was ongoing. I am done with Celebrity. I've heard a lot of grumbling on the boat about calling credit cards for disputes, and I already let mine know I may, depending on the outcome. We did NOT get the cruise we were promised. All we got was a boat with many many problems.
I would call and ask the rep if they could somehow get you a transferrable credit for your other cruise. Can't hurt, right?
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