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I agree with latest poster. Here is my review of tour with Mazatlan Frank
Just got back today from one wonderful week cruising on the Sapphire Princess. Our very favorite day was Wednesday December 10th because we got to do the Mazatlan Frank All day City tour.

If you get the opportunity you must tour with Frank. He is the best tour guide I've ever had on 12 cruises. Very nice man, points out many interesting points about Mazatlan, and has extremely good customer service skills, (large and small companies could learn alot from him). The tour starts at 830 and goes until appx 3pm. There were 9 in our group in a minivan. Frank starts our by giving a quick overview of the areas he will be taking you and also lets you know that his tour is flexible as he wants all to be happy.

First we went to a lookout point (forgot the name) you can see the cruise ships from there and a great view of the ocean and city, just lovely. There are a few stands there you can buy things from. Then we went to old Mazatlan and saw the cathedral and the farmers market. The market was so much fun. The stands surrounding the market are your typical crafty, t-shirt things. Walk in a bit and you will see where all the locals buy their food, etc. Very interesting. As you drive out of this area you guy buy the shrimp market which was interesting as well. From there we went to see the cliff divers. Very fun and there was some shopping there as well. From there we went back into an area of old Mazatlan (again forgot the name of the district) It is both a residential and commercial district that has been restored. We did some walking and Frank took us to a small town square which was beautiful. You walk by the Opera House. Then we walked to some friends of his home and art studio. You have the opportunity to buy handcrafted items and pottery. From there we spent just about 15 minutes in the Golden Zone (not my favorite part as I've been to the Golden Zone many times) From there we drove through a gated residential community called El Cid. It was absolutely beautiful. The homes were in the 250,000 to 2mil range and had some beautifu architecture. From there we were taken to Tony's on the Beach for lunch. We had something that looked like a volcano (it is actually pictured on the menu) It is chicken and/or beef with cheese, onions, peppers, etc all in a juice, came with beans and tortillas - excellent. Others had shrimp and lobster and said they were good. The service was great and friendly. We got to walk on the beach for a bit. It's a beautiful stretch of beach and you can look south and see the Hotel Zone - just lovely. Then we were taken on a drive through the marina and by the newest Hotel Zone. There are many new hotels being built there. When this area is all completed it will be something to see. Then Frank asked if there were any other things anyone wanted to see before heading to the boat. We had seen so many lovely things that we decided to head back. He drove us back through what is considered a middle class area and then down the Malecon to see some of the sculptures as we headed to the ship.

I had been to Mazatlan 5 times prior and liked Mazatlan but because of Frank's wonderful tour I have such an appreciation of Mazatlan. If you've just been on ships tours and seen primarily the Golden Zone you may not know how truly beautiful the city is. We saw some spectacular views and heard so many interesting facts. Frank also says to feel free to email him if you have any questions about hotels, restaurants or things to do if you come back to stay in Mazatlan or even if any of your friends or family need information, Where else do you get that kind of service.
All and all an A+ tour.
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