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Default Re: NCL Spirit Disembarkation at New Orleans

Originally Posted by beflynow
We stood in line with no chairs for three hours in a hallway to get off. NCL staff stated Customs only had four checkers, normally eight for over 2000 passengers.

Since this was the case, the staff should have held passengers in comfortable waiting areas. Many missed their flights. NCL, Customs and the New Orleans Port Authority should be ashamed. We'll take our business to another Port and avoid the Big Uneasy like the plague.

Will, could you tell us when this was??? Just making a blank statement won't solve any problems or help get your point across...Sorry,this is not the job on the cruise line. They need to clear the ship to allow the passengers on the next cruise to board..This is a problem for the port Authority, again, when did this happen?? I notice you are a first time poster, no information on yourselve, you didn't mention whether you missed your flight, etc. Give us some details if you want to have your complaint taken seriously.

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