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There seems to have been recent issues with the port in NOLA. Nita even commented about them on her recent Spirit cruise. Several of her fellow cruisers also sounded off about it. It must have been pretty bad.

Unfortunately it would seem the Port Authority is having a personnel shortage at the moment according to a few emails that were recently exchanged by cruisers, NOLA Port Authority and the CVB. They did state they were working together to try to resolve the issue. Many businesses in NOLA are fighting the same battle. However, NOLA really needs the tourism and the dollars. I would encourage you to reconsider your decision to swear off NOLA for good. As I can assure you, everytime I have sailed to/from there we have had excellent experiences. So I am hopeful it will improve. We will be cruising from there again Feb 7th and 12th as well. I appreciate your post and will make a point to take my time getting on and off the ship and not getting in a hurry to go anywhere. Also I won't get in any big hurry to get in that line that is going nowhere fast.

I have had bad embarcation/debarcation experiences at other ports, luckily I tried them again later and was glad I did. Everytime seems to be different. So just because NOLA was a nightmare this time is no guarantee that a different port will be better, or that NOLA will continue to be bad. Also timing is everything. We always arrive early (except for our latest cruise cause we overslept lol Thats a whole other story) But anyhow when we sailed the Liberty out of FLL on its maiden caribbean voyage, we got on the ship very nicely, no probs. BUT our friends who showed up a coule of hours later were very unhappy. Something went wrong (never found out what) embarcation stopped. Babies and elderly people were sufferring out in the hot, hot sun. The cruise line did nothing for them, no water, nothing. After a while people started to succumb to the heat and ambulances came to care for them and take them to the hospitals for treatment. It was awful, but if our friends had not told us about it, we would have been oblivious to the whole thing since we got on first before any of this. So sometimes even though we're on the same ship as someone else, our experiences differ.

I understand how frustrating these experiences can be. I have been there and done that, but I am confident things will improve at this port.

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