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Default New Orleans Disembarkation: NCL Spirit, 3 HR. Standing


1) We disembarked on Sun. Dec. 7.
2) Customs did not have enough staff show up.
3) NCL should have held passengers in waiting areas on the ship until the line started moving. They were very disorganized.
4) Cruisemates does not require all the info you desired about me personally, but since you asked, this is our 12th cruise and first posting on this site. We thought we were performing a service warning others to be aware. If NCL can't get you to the Customs counter in less than three hours, then you may desire to consider alternatives.
5) We know many in our section missed their flights because they had departures at 1:30 and 2:00 but were still standing in line at 12:30 trying to get to the customs counter. My wife and I were driving since you asked, if that detail was relevant to consider our posting "serious" in your opinion. We live in La.
6) If you or anyone else needs any further information, my address is:

7) Many elderly were having problems: No chairs or restrooms in the terminal hallways. Some elderly finally just sit on the concrete floor.

So, I'm not sure if all of the above info meets your "serious" threshold, but that is what happened to us and we hope it does not happen to others.

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