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my parents have a knack for always pickin a cruise around that time in Feb.

the first one ( i think it was on the Glory) was super lame.
i dont think O2 was actually on that ship though. just a dance floor in the arcade. Was only about 4 people worth hangin out with. Everyone else (the other 8) just cabin hopped.

the next year - same week. it got wayy better. club was nice. our gruop of 12 was coo. still talk to them today (was back in 07) This was on the imagination

and my third one (which was the last one) was on the Destiny and... pffttt it definitely was the best one yet. it was in the summer though but its a week i still have after effects from. It was a great ship. ALOT of teens (maybe near 200 i think it was) Great O2 Director / DJ. Lots of cool people - all was great plus my whole family was there..even though we really didnt hang out - it just made it all the better.

and so im hoping this 4th cruise experience can continue on with my good streak.
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