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Originally Posted by IBCRUZIN'
I beg to differ from the majority here.

I have found that on the newer ships, the Cat 4 inside cabins are tight. The beds are now parallel because the cabin is not large enough to create the L-shape configuration of the older ships. On these ships, I find that the Cat 1A are larger than the Cat 4 cabins. It is just that most Cat 1A are shaped differently depending on where it is located and two beds cannot be put together. In some of the cabins the beds are cate-corner to each other (head to toe). They too have good floor space because of the configuration. However most of the Cat 1A on the newer ships has only one bed on the floor leaving plenty of floor space to move around. I stayed in a Cat 4 on the Glory and the beds were side by side and there was no floor space at all. I stayed in Cat 1A on the Liberty and it was like a regular hotel room. Plenty of floor space.

For this reason, I no longer do Cat 1A guaranteed but rather like to pick my cabin. I don't want an "upgrade" to a tight Cat 4. I rather just have the one bed and more room to move around.

On the Liberty (which is the twin to the Freedom), I was in cabin 1426 which is right around the corner from the aft elevators. It was heaven and a very nice Cat 1A to spend 8 night in. I plan to book the Freedom and will look for a cabin in a similar location.

The newest ships no longer have the two Cat 1A cabins with the 2 picture windows. These cabins have now been fitted with balconies and they are now sold as Cat 6. I stayed in one of those on the Destiny and this too was a very nice cabin to occupy for a week.
Well the 1A's are going to feel larger becuase there is only 1 bed on the ground.
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