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I was on two 10 day HAL cruises this past year. I found the food to be pretty tasteless. On the second ship it was a little better. I thought it wasn't possible to get beef rare on a cruise. I just got back from a carnival cruise, the food to say the least was fantastic, the service was excellent I was able to get my steak & prime rib rare. The deserts were fantastic, and tasted like deserts. We ate in the dinning room every night and were finished in an hour +/_.

I am scheduled for a 27 day cruise on HAL leaving Jan 10, if the food is the same as the previous cruises it will be my last for a while. I much prefer HAL, but something has to be done about there food. I really like every thing else about HAL, but there food. Lets hope they get there act together. I would hate to switch to another line.
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