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Default Re: illegal substaces?

Hey I finally got to the bottom of the page to post my message.

Pot is everywhere on the ship brought on by passengers and cruise employees . For those of you who have not tried and never will how do you know what it smells like? You obviously have had some yourself or got the second hand to turn those law breaking fellow cruise passengers in to security.

Tia-DON'T BRING THE STUFF WITH YOU! There will be plenty to go around that other passengers have brought on. When you smell it-scope them out, follow then to the bar, buy them a round of drinks, and then your in. You will probably meet some reallly nice down to earth people that are having a better time than anyone else. All the others will be on sniff patrol. To all the tattle tellers-you should get a life.

Have fun and to each his own.

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