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Default New Orleans Update: NCL

Just received a $75 per passenger credit from NCL in the mail for the three hour wait, no heat in the cabin and other problems we experienced.
The credits must be used on another cruise, which is questionable under the circumstances.

At least NCL is addressing the complaints and hopefully doing what they can to solve the problems. If Custom employees don't show up for work, NCL staff should not release the passengers from waiting areas.

We could consider New Orleans agains if Customs, the Port Authority and NCL could coordinate better and deliver a smooth and timely embark and disembark process. No one desires to be treated like cattle on vacation even if the cruise was free.

If the delays and problems continue, passengers will take their business elsewhere and everyone suffers, especially in a recession. If you are considering booking, perhaps you or your travel agent can specifically inquire of NCL the expected wait times therefore, letting them know smart buyers are aware of these issues.....they'll get the message.

Hope this info helps all concerned.

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