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Hi all! Just checking in on the board seeing if anything new in preparation for our cruise 11 Jan on the Explorer of the Seas. Being smoker, naturally this thread caught my attention :wink

I see not much has changed when it comes to this subject. Still us against them One would think that as long as smokers obey the Ships smoking policy and non smokers are aware of the smoking policy beore booking, there would be no problem. Right? Of course that will never be the case. I am sure that there are smokers who do not obey the smoking rules. However, in all honesty and after many cruises, I have seldom if ever seen smokers violating the ships smoking policy. I have seen and interacted with non smoking and former smoking zealots who are determined to let me know through a look, a word or gesture that they do not approve on my smoking. If this comes up doing a conversation, I very politiely point out to them that I do not seek their approval for anything I do.

We all have our vices...admit or not, we do. One vice shared by many Americans is over eating....the majority of Americans are obese. Another is the abuse of prescription drugs. I often wonder how many of the people who give me the "look" , when I am smoking in an authorized smoking area, go back to their cabin for their percocet or vicodin. My point is, we all have our weakness and if you say you don't then your weakness would be lying.

Most smokers can relate to this - you are sitting in a smoking area having a fag and some 5' 5" person that weighs about 275 pounds walks by and gives you the "look". Get a clue!

Unfortunately, we live in a world where a lot of people want to force their lifestlye on everyone else. Be careful what you wish for. I wish that some of the non smokers who love to target smokers would find a new "cause". How about this -----As someone who has always been in excellent physical condition ( 22 years USMC and 15 years as a Police Officer) my cause would be to help our over weight and obese children. Can I get some of you non smokers support on this? How can you help? Well, next time you are on cruise and see grossly overweight little Johnny or little Suzy eating a huge bowl of ice cream, give their parents the "look".

I could go on, but would serve no purpose. It always comes down to us against them.
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