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[quote="Paul Motter"]Well, I was thinking how much the fuel supplement changes must be affecting them financially. Think about going from collecting about $140 per cabin to having to give away $140/cabin in onboard credit.

Well maybe yes and maybe no. Here is an interesting tidbit of information. We booked our Nov 09 Cruise this past November 08. We booked a Cat 11, aft wrap around balcony, because it was available and we could not resist. At any rate, the cruise fare was $1,349 p/p plus the $72 fuel fee per person, plus taxes, etc....So, now 04 Dec 08 rolls around and the fuel surcharge is suspended (We are waiting to get our refund for this).

Now.......Those booking after 04 Dec 09 for this same cruise (for a Cat 11) no longer pay the fuel surcharge ($72.00 p/p).....unfurtunately, the fare p/p is now $1,429.00.....$80.00 p/p more. Those booking now are actually paying more money for this cruise than they were prior to the fuel surcharge suspension. As I recall, all of the stateroom catagories for this cruise (Spirit/Nov 09/8 day Mexican Riviera) went up $80.00 p/p after the fuel surcharge was suspended. No loss of money on Carnival's part here.

As Carnival also stated previously, at some point they were going to rescind the fuel surcharges anyway and go with an increase in the fare per person for the staterooms. It is possible this may have started sooner than we expected.
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