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Default Re: NCL "Sun" - three questions

Originally Posted by Maxandr

Grateful for any comments on following questions:
1. How is the lighting in the (balcony) cabins, OK for reading a book (at the table or in bed). I ask because even some very good hotels have low intensity lighting.

2. What can one find in the library - apart from pocket books (thrillers) also books or publications with info on the areas to be visited during the cruise, maps, guidebooks etc?

3. Aft balcony cabin (BD cat.) looking sternwards - like no.0066: is that a good choice? Size? Pros and cons? Recommendations

We are first time cruisers, thats why we ask!
I am sure you will get lots of responses to your questions: 1-the lighting is fine for reading, especially in bed. We do it all the time on cruises.

2-you should be able to find info on the ports of call in the library. Some of the ships have better libraries than others.

3-I can't answer about your particular cabin but we are partial to aft cabins.

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