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Hi katlady.

I am from the beautiful wife is English.

I always find the "look" amusing I remember us being on the Summit a couple years ago and a lady who always gave us the "look" when going to dinner. She would always pull her top up enough to cover her nose and give all smokers "the LOOK" when passing the smoking tables. I never took offense because I thought her mentally challenged. Why? As a lot of cruisers will know, on the Millie Class Ships directly outside the entrances to the dining room is a bar (Martini). Some cruisers would usually gather there awaiting the Dining room to open. Port side smoking - Starboard Side non-smoking. Other than her being mentally challenged, I can think of no other reason for her to come through the smoking area every night when she could have just as easily accessed the dining room via the non smoking area. Just one of many things I have noticed about some non smokers in smoking areas voluntarily. I must stress that the majority of non smokers are not like that lady. However, some non smokers feel they MUST make a statement of some type. Why???

Something I said earlier makes me want to ask ----- Why do a lot of cruisers get to the dining room doors 10 to 15 minutes before opening and just stand there milling around? Plenty of chairs/tables available to sit and relax but they have their nose to the door waiting Oh well, good for us because it guarantees us a place to sit and relax before dinner.
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