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Originally Posted by vico64
Thanks for all the advise. I guess I will wait and see what other people do.
If HAL would lower the proces for drinks, I think they would sell more and we wouldn´t have to bring our own wine.
Sadly, I don't think you're going to see the cruise lines lowering drink prices anytime soon. Bar service is one of the biggest moneymakers onboard most cruise ships and they depend on those revenues to offset price reductions in other areas.

Like I said, while I certainly wouldn't want to exclusively drink from my own private stash of wine while in public areas of the ship, I see nothing wrong whatsoever in bringing a glass up to the Lido to enjoy with a good book. As I also said, I've seen people bring their own glass of wine or soda into public lounges as well, though I wouldn't want to make it a policy of never buying from the ship. That would just be tacky. But I don't think those bartenders would expect a heavy wine or soda drinker to buy EVERY drink from the bar. That could just get too cost-prohibitive and they know that.

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