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I'm sure that the Owners Suites are good enough for me but they are not the highest category cabins!

My guess is that most people are willing to pay really much money for one vacation in their life, their honeymoon (of course I know that many people never get married and a lots of people get married more than once!), and they probably want their own cabin then! I can't understand why some people wants to have their family or friends with them on their honeymoon but if I wanted that, I should prefer that they had their own cabin!

If many families wants to have a big cabin, why are there so few familycabins in the lower categories? Why are there no three bedroom inside cabins or standard balcony cabins?

This is not a problem but I don't like that I never will be able to cruise in the best possible cabin, at least not without feeling stupid for having two empty bedrooms!
Erik in Sweden
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