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Default Thanks Everyone-

Thanks Lee and Kelli, Paul, yyjguy and everyone else! I appreciate the tips and feedback. It's interesting that Princess gets high marks. I honestly don't have any comparison, yet!

Over the weekend, we just booked a Princess cruise for this coming April, out of the Amazon. The prices couldn't be beat (half off for a suite). It is a 14-day cruise on the Pacific Princess, which is the former R3 Renaissance. We've never sailed a smaller ship before, only one large ship (Carnival) and the rest were mid-sized, on Celebrity.

Sometimes I enjoy getting lost in the crowds, but on the same token don't enjoy having to wake up at 4 AM just to reserve a chaise lounge in the spa, do you feel me? I hope the ship is intimate, but not "too small". We reserved an Aft suite, hoping to have a great view of the Amazon and the ports in the Caribbean Sea.

Will be sure to add my feedback regarding Princess after next April.

Really enjoying the feedback ladies and gents, please keep it coming.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!
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