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"allegedly due to declining attendance. I consider this an unfortunate step in the wrong direction for cruise lines "

I can see this from the lines perception, there must be today a very limited "audience" that would want to "do lunch" in the formal dining room.

No need, and sorry its a reaction to reality and not an "unfortunate step "

So if no one does it any more, would you honestly expect a ship or any business to bring X number of waiters or staff etc into a dining room on the chance that someone may want served lunch?

Question, the last time you experienced that,,be honest. How many diners where in this massive room for lunch and all that goes with it?

And to be really honest in todays market I would not expect Celebrity or any other line that carries "bulk" to provide it.

Yes there are lines out there that still will, but you pay a premium and for that you get a premium

We have to be realistic,,and I dont know how far your experience of cruising goes,,but on certain lines the "class" OR THESE DAYS MONEY RULE STILL APPLY's. And that is the dining room allocated to you, look at Cunard....there you get a dining room to eat in, based on the room you purchased. Who says "class" has gone or not part of cruising
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