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Originally Posted by Turbotw
Originally Posted by KTS1193
ours is.

If you have an A in the class you can miss 4 days a quarter.
If you have a B you can miss 2 days a quarter.
If you have a C you have to have perfect attendance.

F- You gotta take it.
Is there a limit to how many exams you can exempt? And are you allowed to exempt AP classes?

When I was in high school we were allowed to exempt a maximum of two exams if we had a 95 or higher in those classes. And we weren't allowed to exempt the winter exams of AP classes.
We can exempt all 4 of our exams(we have block scheduling). We do have to take post tests and EOCTs though.. but those dont count as finals. Well some teachers are nice and DO count those as the final so then you dont have to come on the "Finals Testing Days". For AP, we have a post test but its not like a hard AP test its basically the test they give to everyone, even the not so smart people.

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