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Originally Posted by spencercoop
Originally Posted by Paul Motter
Well, I was thinking how much the fuel supplement changes must be affecting them financially. Think about going from collecting about $140 per cabin to having to give away $140/cabin in onboard credit.

I see cruise fares have already gone up for Carnival, the $329 cruises are long gone now.

Now, fuel IS much cheaper for them than it was before, so they make a lot of money back that way, but still, I'll feel they may be kicking themselves for saying in print they would rescind the surcharges at a certain point (under $70/barrel for 25 days in a row) because I think it came much faster than they ever expected.
You are right, I also don't think they expected it to drop so fast.

Carnival did it different becuase pretty much all other cruise lines said it had to stay under $65.

Look at it this way. They basically borrowed everybodys $140, stuffed it into their bank account and when you board the ship they will give it back to you interest free. Carnival didnt lose anything at all. In fact they made money. I dont feel for them one iota.
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