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Default Re: Are the Garden Villas too big?

Originally Posted by erikhag
Just once I would love to get the best possible cabin, that must be the Garden Villas but why are they so big?

I don't mind that the living area is big but why three bedrooms? In my opinion it's stupid to pay for three bedrooms if you only need one! No matter how much money I had, I would think it's stupid!

Shouldn't it be much better to place two Courtyard Villas outside every Garden Villa with the possibility to open up for those who wants too?

Of course even families book the Garden Villas and they might want the three bedrooms but I think that a very big part of the cruise passengers are couples and they don't need three bedrooms!
Erik, I saw a video of one on youtube. The man who took it had not only his wife, but son and daughter-in-law, grandson and daughter with him.

He and his wife had the master, which was luxurious, a HUGE room, and jacuzzi tub bath with lots of marble; the son and and wife had another room which was as nice as a mini suite, their bath looked pretty much as our mini suite bath looked. It was very nice, though not nearly as luxurious as the master, and the the daughter and grandson shared the smallest room with two twin beds, and they had a very small bath with a shower. (About on par with an inside stateroom)

Also, they also had a huge living area, their own cabanas and hot tub, and a HUGE balcony-plus they also had a pool that they shared with the other suite guests.

It is too rich for my blood - I was thrilled with having a minisuite-but I could see someone who was wealthy enough, would perhaps want this. I imagine though to that person $5000 would be like $100 to me.

So perhaps, someone who is fairly wealthy, but not still in the "charter your own yacht" class-would like the villas.
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