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Here is what was shared in Johns blog.....
"It seems that the Carnival Miracle changing ports is a popular topic. You know, we hate changing published itineraries and as always when anything like this happens we need to start with the words “we apologize as we know that people plan carefully the ports of call they want to call at during their cruise.”
I just received an answer back from the blog thingies super spy PA 007…… is what he has told me. “John, there is an issue with one of the pods that requires a dry-dock which is scheduled for March. Until then ship should not exceed 18 knots which is why St. Lucia has been replaced with Tortola which involves travelling at lesser speeds.”
Happy Holidays
PA 007.
You have nothing to worry about guys and again let me apologize for the change of ports but as you said…………Tortola is a wonderful replacement. Tortola the largest island in the British West Indies. You will discover thickly forested mountainous along its center, and a coastline studded with golden bays. Tortola has a character and landscape all its own……and they have a British Pub that serves great food!"

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