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I just heard last night that another friend is working his last week. Tomorrow (Christmas Eve) is his last day. I feel so bad for them with 2 small children. His wife works also, but he is the main bread winner. They will definitely be hurting.

That has been the story around here for months. A friend gets laid off-they finally find another job, but in the meantime another friend has lost their job. Right now we have at least a half dozen friends who have lost their jobs. A few others of our friends have been surviving by taking short term contract positions-so they are okay for 2 or 3 months and then they are looking once again for something else.

My problem is, even though we can still afford to cruise, I am too upset to enjoy cruising while I am worrying about my friends. I have about decided perhaps it would be better that we give to charities more and skip the luxury trips for the time being, and just take simpler more affordable vacations, that others are not envious of me taking. I just do not like rubbing it in my friends' faces that we can still afford to cruise, when they are worried about losing their home, affording to stay warm this winter, or keeping groceries on the table.
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