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Originally Posted by Kuki

While we appreciate people responding to questions to they know the answers too. We don't appreciate the attitude of mocking posters because they felt the questions were repeated too often, or posted in the wrong spot.

If you know the answer to a question, respond if you like, and forget the etiquette lecture. Otherwise no need to post at all.

Though you may have answered the poster's query, this type of attitude is likely to ensure they don't return to the site to ask any other questions they have.
Kuki, I was wrong to mock the OP. However, what I was "mad" about was CruiseMates listing this as a Hot Topic which I took as an urgent need for someone to answer the question.

As for my "mocking" as you call it; why hasn't CruiseMates followed the lead of other Internet Brand's websites in management of message boards? FlyerTalk would have moved the question to the correct board without the OP having to do anything special? If that had been the case, there wouldn't have been a need for double posting nor would he have had to wait a day for a response.

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