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As for my "mocking" as you call it; why hasn't CruiseMates followed the lead of other Internet Brand's websites in management of message boards? FlyerTalk would have moved the question to the correct board without the OP having to do anything special? If that had been the case, there wouldn't have been a need for double posting nor would he have had to wait a day for a response.
It's pretty simple Marc... we feel that many postters don't notice, or forget, to check the "Notify of reply" box. So, they just end up checking back for replies. Therefore moving topics would also require leaving a "shadow".

Also with regard to moving posts to the "correct board", sometimes there is no single "correct" board for a question; several can be appropriate.

We also don't want to forget that if a single poster is asking a question there could be (and most likely are) many more reading, looking for the answer to the same question.

Fact is some of the message board folder are less visited than others. While we don't want all the boards flooded with the same message, we also don't want to dictate to people where they post.
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