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Originally Posted by DayvidB
Mom, NO

It’s your money and your life, you cannot approach life being guilty because of others. If I had to live that way…… I would just donate all my salary to "needy causes"

Okay not cool on their personal position, but you have to be a ME , and still have your life.

But the great thing you did bring to it is your concern for them, that shows a caring person, but cancel your cruise, and don’t do Christmas NO. It don’t change anything, you have your vacation. And these people will still be in the same position when you get back, and if you did not go..mmmmm They would still be in the same position, nothing you can do about it
I don't have any cruises booked right now-so nothing to cancel. I just do not feel the desire to book anything. Plus the economy is so bad everywhere, that these people in these beautiful islands are desperate. They have always tried to make a hard sells-but my cruise last month was MUCH worse. It was heart breaking.I just decided that -instead of buying things I don't really want- to help these poor people what amounts to a tiny amount that I would do better to donate.

I love the ocean because it relaxes me to watch the waves. It is a great "destresser". Right now, I am more interested in seeing the ocean than tropical islands that are poverty stricken. That just "defeats the purpose" in going-if you know what I mean. I want to destress, not look at poverty which actually adds stress.

We know of a great condominium complex in Myrtle Beach, south Carolina, USA that is really nice and the majority of the owners will rent them out when they are not occupying them. Almost all have balconies that face the ocean. We loved staying there in September and it was MUCH less expensive than our cruise was last month, a good two thirds less in cost. I just feel that-for the time being, I will get my "fix" by going there.

I will gladly donate funds though instead to other good causes for the difference in cost.

I understand that if I took upon my shoulders all of my friends problems and tried to help all of them-that I soon would be in worse shape than any of them. I realize I can't help everyone. Nevertheless, I want to do "my bit," while I can-whose to say if not next year I may be the one needing help.
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