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Originally Posted by Seasail
Don't see any advantage at all for using them. Their prices for Royal Caribbean are the same as booking with Royal Caribbean directly. I've heard too that you have a heck of a time getting a lower price if cruise drops.
Exactly right. Same price as if you call Royal Caribbean and book it directly through Royal Caribbean Customer Service yourself. We did use a TA when we first started cruising. While sitting in the office, the TA called the cruise line to get the price I may not be the smartest cookie in the jar, but I did realize I could have done that A few months before our cruise the price dropped 100 dollars per person. NO the TA did not call to tell us this.... we saw it at the Cruise Lines website. This was on a Thursday - called our TA and she was off until Monday. We called the cruise line and they said that since we had a TA, they could not help us and we would have to go through our TA to initiate getting the lower fare. On the following Monday our TA was back but the price had gone back up :evil:

I know that some will probably say that they have the greatest TA in the world and thats fine. For us, WE like to have control over our reservations and have never had a problem getting the lower fare when/if the price drops.....just a quick phone call. We have always found the Cruise Lines Reservations representatives to very helpful in getting us what we want and always there to answer questions after we book.

Please understand that I am not saying that TA's are outdated. BUT if you think you are getting a better price and better service by using a TA, think again.
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