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Originally Posted by dudestir127
Originally Posted by dancetilyadropx3
Originally Posted by dudestir127
I was out for about a day or two back in 2003 during that huge northeast blackout. It just wasn't fun. It was a hot few days, and the last thing we needed was for the air conditioners to lose power. My new girlfriend at the time was getting sick from the heat, so her dad had to battle traffic to bring her to a hospital with a backup generator. As for me, I was just listening to my cd player, which also has am/fm radio. I was able to give everyone updates about places that were not where we were getting power back. It just wasn't fun. It would have been fine if it weren't so hot.

My entire city, a city of over 8 million people not counting tourists, was without power. Going out at a little after 4pm, rush hour was starting. The subway always gets packed during rush hour. Officials were scrambling to try to get people out of the subway.

Yeah that was the power outage I was talking about too!
Haha, yeah. Don't know how you have fun in Cleveland, but it wasn't fun at all in New York. However, 9/11 had happened only 2 years earlier, and we were all just glad that we wouldn't be referring to 8/14 the same way.

Well I live about twenty minutes from downtown Cleveland so I wasn't stuck in traffic or anything, but my neighborhood has like 3 pools so we just went swimming and hung out and at night we had bonfires, we basically did what we always did during the summer, except without power. Plus I was only 11 back in 2003 soooo maybe thats why it was fun?
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