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Default Wine Cards

Originally Posted by sassy73
Originally Posted by Jules in Sydney
Hi Maruccio
On the first day of the cruise, the stewardesses came around selling the wine, soda and cocktail cards - so you'll be fine to wait until then!
ALSO - FYI, the spa have daily specials on massages, facials etc - especially when in port.
Do you know how much the wine and cocktail cards are, and what you get with them? I'm paying the way for me and a travel companion (I use a wheelchair) and want to give some extras to my companion, but not just have a totally open bar tab or something! I would be doing this for myself as well. I definitely won't be doing spa treatments, and will probably just buy soveniers for family at the ports.

The wine cards may be purchased as either a 10 or 20 pour card. The 10 pour card costs $41.40 and the 20 pour card costs $77.63. Both prices INCLUDE the 15% gratuity! The pour is only a (small) 6 ounce! Obviously, the better value is to purchase the 20 pour card! It may be purchased from the wine steward serving your table!
I am unsure of the cost of the cocktail cards, however, from what I have read on another message board, the cocktail cards are not a great value with little saving!

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