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Originally Posted by kryos
Originally Posted by KLSmith
We are on the Volendam in February. I just checked the HAL site and I cannot see any reference to the wine cards. Can you either direct me to the URL, or tell me what the cost is please?

Many thanks and happy sailing!
I think you have to log in ... and access the "for booked guests" section with your booking number and last name. Then I believe you can order things for your stateroom. The general storefront is only for buying stuff like the Mariner Dream Bed and other packages that anyone can order even if they are not booked for a cruise at the current time.

But onboard gifts have to be ordered from the "For Booked Guests" tab.

By the way, you can buy all manner of stuff. I bought Signature Cocktail Cards, a wine card, a photo card good for printing off 100 digital prints from my memory card, along with shore excursions. Yes, all this stuff can be purchased onboard just as well. It's just that some people, including myself, prefer to pay upfront for as many things as possible. Keeps down the onboard spending total.

Blue skies ...


Go to the HAL website & click on "For Booked Guests" (at the top right hand side of the page). Then using your mouse, place the cursor on "Onboard Gifts" at the bottom of the list. When the next page comes up, you will see the words "Printable Gift Order Form", (at the bottom left corner of the page). Click on that and enlarge the form on your screen. It lists everything that is available to purchase.
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