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I have just arrived home from a Princess cruise, during which I had a fling with a member of the the staff. At least it was a fling for me...he wanted me to commit to forever.
This is what I was told:
He asked for permission from his superior for me to share his cabin, and was told that if I were to depart and return I would be considered an "official" girlfriend.
He received a "staff rate" that would be transferred to me.
A few days later he told me that he had booked a trip for me that he would pay for (which tells me it must have been free for him) and that I had only to pick the week.
He also told me that on my return we would have plenty of time to spend both on and off board, and that there would be no need for secrecy.
I, of course, believe not a word of the above, but I hope this helps in getting the story straight.
Note: he was an officer. This may account for any decrepencies in their stories.
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