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I am really surprised that the room steward was like this, and I find the 100$ USA, and 100 Euro's excessive on top of the 10$ a day per person per cabin. If our cabin steward is exceptional we will give some extra cash, as well as to any one who just was especially helpful or kind. The only time we ever removed a tip was from a carnival cruise, we removed the room steward portion. Simply, the room was never kept clean, things were not done as they should be, we never got clean towels ( had to ask daily) and on the final day, all the cabins where we were didnt even get our bills and we all had to stay in line in the morning to get it. ( better to solve billing issues while still on board). They were not surpised when I did this, given ten other people before me did the same thing because of the same steward. The day we arrived, some ones balck push up bra still remained on the TV. It was never cleaned to begin with, and it was dismal through out. It is the one and only time we ever had that. The dinning crew was beyond exceptional on this cruise and we tipped extra there.
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