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Originally Posted by KLD
These cabins are really for those with mobility impairments. If you don't need a wheelchair or walker all the time, then don't take these cabins from those who do need the. You have many more options in picking cabins close to the elevators if you have no mobility issues and only need to use oxygen. Why do you think you should have an accessible cabin???
I am like you, except I use a walker, and this is what happened to me on the Oosterdam. I booked a handicapped room (right after the 2008 season was announced), because some of the new walkers (like mine) can not fit through the door and traveling alone, I did not have anyone to help me. Well, when I booked my cabin they gave me room an assigned room because I did not want to do the guarantee thing, well when I got to check in, they had moved me and said that the person who was assigned to my room was in a wheel chair, come to find out they weren't but had told the cruise line that they were, so since I said I was in a walker, they bumped me out of the room. Do you want to know what kind of hassle it was to try and get my walker through those doors, I was furious, I went to the Purser's desk and told them that the people in that room were not handicapped and that they only wanted a larger room with a larger balcony, but the purser said that they was nothing he could do about it now since they had checked in and were using the room (I know why he did not want to do anytihng, because then he would have to ticked off customers instead of 1). I have since learned how many people who do not need these rooms abuse it because the Cruise lines to dot require any proof of disability, sure the purser gave me back $100 obc, it still did not help me, every time I had to leave and re-enter my room, and then on top of that, if I brought something back to my room, I would have to walk inside without my walker, I fell 4 times. So if you tell them you are on a walker, that still does not gurarntee you will get a handicapped room. I will be so glad when the lines make people prove that they need a handicapped room. As for the lister, please think about people like me, I am now in a power chair and if there are no handicapped rooms available I do not get to go period, where as you can get a room near the elevator and also near the basic areas of the ship that you are going to be spending most of your time. Please I do feel that you are disabled, don't get me wrong, but if people who can walk keep taking the rooms for people who can't, it is less that we get to travel. Just look at how many years a person in a wheel chair could not travel, just in the last 15 years it has become possible for us to fulfill our dreams of cruising, but we still are limited, we still can only plan one every two years because like I said that handicapped rooms are sold out first.
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